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  • Enlisted freestuffrocks says: i'm saving up for the xbox 360 and windows vista ultimate (currently i have home premium)
  • Enlisted ivan says: xbox360
  • Enlisted FaisalNahian says: XBOX360 Baby!
  • Enlisted tudball19 says: how
  • Enlisted nexxybcz says: Not a lot 2 say, other than, hope to get alot of use outa this
  • Enlisted Annastique says: I'm not sure what i'm saving up for, i guess i just like playing the games but sometimes i get stuck and need a lil help
  • Enlisted danyell says: Love 2 play games! Female.On prize not sure.
  • Enlisted OhMeOhMy says: I'm such a newbie with your site, so I am learning as I go along. I have played a lot at bing and received so many nice prizes. I thought it was about time I joined up at Thanks to all of you for your input and the answers.
  • Enlisted rmfaroni says: Dell Netbook
  • Enlisted matthewsykora says: where is the log out button?
  • Enlisted Bleachy says: I can't access anything on the forums. It just flips to a screen saying "Login on the anagram site" or something then flips immediately back to the main index. I can't PM anyone or anything. Also, the autotyper is fucked up for Chicktionary. Now it just sits there loading after finishing a game, and never gives me points.
  • Enlisted gregthegriffinx says: I work hard. I only put in puzzles that I cannot find, I don't do all of the ones I can't find answers for, only so I can do more. I'm currently saving up for a drink heater/cooler.

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